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ello everyone, we were a little far away ? Due to the pandemic, we are working harder with increasing meetings at home. However, I will write to you on some detail issues as I find time. vRA 8 is now one of IT’s products that have stood firmly in the field of Cloud Management and Automation. Although it seems to do the same job as the vRA 7 / 7.5 version, which we still see widely in the industry, vRA 8 is a very different product both in terms of architecture and perspective. The product, which works completely within Kubernetes pods, runs each service as containers running within pods. There is a story … If I start now, I’ll talk for a day ? I’ll tell about that later.

vRA 8 comes primarily with its grown up family. In the past, we could do more than one job with a single component, but now we do every job within its own special component, such as changing software architectures. I want to explain a little bit.

Cloud Assembly: You can make your blueprint designs, follow your deployments, your Projects related to Infrastructure (similar to the old Business Group but exactly public Cloud Project culture), your Profiles (Network, Storage, Image, etc.). the part we brought.

Service Broker: Each design has a presentation scene to a user. Here is the scene for vRA 8. We can do all kinds of details about our Catalog Items and their Content here.

And Orchestrator: You have two options, you can install embeded or external vRO from the moment of installation. You know, orchestrator is also the most popular member of vRA family ?

Code Stream: vRA 8 also wants to manage changing technology. You can create your Pipelines and create and manage your DevOps processes from vRA.

vRA Migration Assessment: If your vRA environment is in version 7 and you want to switch to 8, I suggest you review this component. VMware is aware of how much the architecture has changed and supports this process of the users.

All these services are now the right place to start getting to know the new vRA 8 architecture. After this article I wrote to have an idea, I will share more technical details with you later.

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